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Long-distance hiking has helped me become comfortable in the world and in my own body. Hiking solo and navigating difficult routes has opened up a world of possibilities and can I help you get started or take your hiking to the next level? 

I want to help you achieve your backpacking goals, and have fun!

On the Trail



Over three hour-long sessions, we can talk about what's on your mind.


I can help you brainstorm, plan, or discuss anything backpacking or thru-hiking related like:

  • Your backpacking goals 

  • Gear advice 

  • Strategies around skill development, goal setting, planning, and more

  • How do I hike a route?

  • How do I get more engaged with environmental issues on my next hike?

  • Solo hiking

  • Blogging on trail

  • Trip planning logistics and more...



It's up to you. I can be your sounding board or talk about how I have approached a particular issue in the past. 

Once you purchase, I will be in touch to schedule our time together.

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