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Hikers want to use gear and spend money with companies that support the environment and are honest about their values.

I will help you plan and develop strategies for authentic engagement for your brand and business.

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Once you purchase, I will be in touch to schedule our time together.

In an hour session I can help you brainstorm, plan, or discuss topics including: 


  • Developing an authentic brand strategy around supporting trails and the environment.

  • Planning product and service launches to support your vision, mission, and advocacy. 

  • Exploring environmental and conservation engagement.

  • Connecting with advocacy organizations to create strategic partnerships.

  • Understanding the environmental issues affecting the long-distance trail corridors.

  • Connecting to a large network of long-distance trail organizations, hikers, and professionals.

  • Identifying communication strategies to reach the long-distance community.

  • Developing authentic partnerships with long-distance trail organizations.

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