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Trail developers - how can I help?

A successful long-distance hike depends on creating
realistic expectations for what a hiker can expect on your trail.

I can help you enhance the hiking experience on your trail.

- How easy is it to plan a hike on your trail?

- Can hikers confidently navigate using your resources?

- Do you have good communication channels with your hikers?

- Do you need help improving maps, guidebooks, or other trail materials?

I guide long-distance trail organizations and developers to improve the hiking experience and inspire action on behalf of the environment.

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I have been writing, speaking, and working with outdoor industry partners over several decades to educate, inspire, activate, and motivate hikers and the general public to spend more time on trails.


From resource reviews to logo design, stakeholder engagement to mapping, I can design, build, write, communicate, or publish the materials and resources you need to make your trail a world-class experience. 


I am a triple-crown thru-hiker with over 20 years of experience planning, hiking, and improving long-distance trails. I am an environmentalist and passionate outdoor enthusiast who believes that long-distance hiking can deepen our relationship with the landscapes and environmental issues that desperately need more advocates. 

When we see ourselves as part of nature, we act differently.

By following my curiosity for over 25 years, my interests and passions now culminate in this work to improve the long-distance hiking experience through resource development, community outreach, and hiker engagement, all through the lens of thousands of miles backpacked on trails around the world. 




"The area's de facto through-hike laureate, Renee Patrick..."

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Outside Magazine

May/June 2022

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